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Elmo and his friends from Sesame Street have grown up in this game that teaches you about binge drinking, how to act when you're drunk, the proper protocol for having a good night out, and even a little bit of money management! 

Game prototype created in one week for the Riggy2k3 Jam.

Minor content warning for language, alcohol, and sexual references. Also minor screen shaking / flashing.

This is obviously not my intellectual property and the images / sounds contained within this game are copywritten / do not belong to me. Thus, you should not pay money for this game!

Based on the original idea of DAN SETTEMBRINI (@motiondan) and the rest of the Stephen Georg / TRG Colosseum group. Without them, this game wouldn't even be an inkling of a thought. See the inspiration: here.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Authorerin foster
Tags2D, Comedy, Dark Humor, Fangame, Pixel Art, riggyjam, RPG Maker, rpg-maker-2003, Short, Singleplayer


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i made an account to thank you for putting the count in the gam he is the best character 

Aw, thank you so much -- I appreciate that you did that! I hope you liked his role in the game, too. :)

Eeheheh the only thing im wondering is, how did you get past the copyright .. isnt Elmo like protected?

Oh, absolutely. That's why this is completely non-commercial and will never go beyond Itch. As a "fan game," it's considered a "derivative work" and semi-protected under creative commons, but as long as I'm not profiting, it's in that legal gray area. 

That being said, they could slap me with a cease and desist at any point and I'd have to take it down, so... Yeah.

hmm it reminds me of some pixelartist here on itch, he had made like an asset pack, neat and small right but it was so close to supermario i never bought it since xD it was obvious where that inspiration was from and even though supermario is so long ago it was so from there ... 
Thank you for your kind words by the way. You are a nice person.


so epic 10/10 great story and everything


These sprites tho




🎵 Nana Na Na 🎵 
🎵 Nana Na Na 🎵 
🎵 Elmo's Drunk 🎵